Spider-Man Far From Home Identity Revealed

Spider-Man Far From Home: Peter Parker unmasked by Aunt May, what will be his reaction?

Aunt May really did not have the reaction we expected. 

What would be your reaction if you discovered that your nephew was Spider-Man? You will probably never be forced to ask the question, but this is not the case with Peter Parker’s aunt. 

Remember, at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming , May surprised her nephew in her superhero costume. She is one of the characters of the MCU who know the identity of the spider-man in Spider-Man Far From Home . 

And it seems that she is excited by the idea of ​​having an Avengers for nephew. Interviewed by Screen Rant, Eric Carroll, producer of the film, revealed that the idea behind the reaction of Aunt May comes from its interpreter, the actress Marisa Tomei .

Peter Parker unmasked by Aunt May
Peter Parker unmasked by Aunt May

“We asked her what we could do because we wanted something different and did not have her sitting at home, worrying about her nephew, and wondering if he was okay.” explains the producer.

 Marisa Tomei, referring to the activist side of her character, suggested that May suggest that Peter stop studying so that he can devote his life to helping others. 

The young hero has all the support of his aunt! While waiting to discover Spider-Man Far From Home on the big screen on July 3rd, check if you have spotted all the easter eggs hidden in the trailers .

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